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3 Ways To Work With Natural Light In Your Tiny Home

Tiny homes are popping up in little towns and big cities across the country, and it is not without reason. With more of an interest in living minimalist lifestyles that do not cost as much, many people are finding a happy home in smaller quarters. One way to make your tiny home even more efficient is to make use of natural light whenever you can and there are a lot of ways to do just that. Here is a look at some of the ways you can work with natural light in your tiny home using windows and window blinds to cover them.

Make one wall of windows and invest in blinds for them. 

Having one section of your tiny home primarily windows will give you ample natural light to light up pretty much the whole house. However, you will also want to be able to control all this natural light when seasons change and you don't want a lot of heat. Therefore, work with a custom window blinds supplier to get blinds created for this area as well. In the winter, you can have all the natural light you want and some free solar heat. In the summer, you get nice views of the night sky in the evening and the ability to block the sun when you need to. 

Implement skylights and have blinds made for them. 

One of the easiest ways to harness the power of natural light is with skylights in the roof of your tiny home. However, when these roof windows are not needed, you may want to cover them or close them off. You can get special-made blinds for these windows that attach to both ends of the window and open and close with a knob. These blinds can help you dampen the natural light when you need to and open them up fully when you need more light.

Utilize glass exterior doors over your main door. 

Full-glass exterior doors are common on regular-sized homes and they work just as well on a tiny home. One advantage of a full-glass door is the fact that you can open your main door and allow natural light inside whenever you want. Opting for an entry door that has windows is also a good idea. Just make sure you get blinds made for the windows so you can block the sun and keep your privacy when you need to.

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