DIY Window Repair and Replacement Tips Made Easy

Energy Efficiency On A Budget: Which Windows To Replace First

Replacing your home's windows with new, dual-pane, low-e energy-efficient windows is a wonderful way to save money on your bills and keep your house at a very comfortable temperature. However, if you're on a tight budget, replacing all of the windows can be comparatively expensive. That doesn't mean you're doomed to deal with wasteful single-pane  windows forever, though. All you have to do is find the windows most in need of protection, and rank each window or wall from there. Read More 

Five Ways Shutters Can Make Your Windows More Convenient

If you're wondering which window treatments will be perfect for your home, you might want to look into the many ways that shutters can make managing your windows more convenient. The following are five of the most important convenience advantages offered by window shutters: They offer complete shade and temperature control. Well designed shutters are typically more effective than either blinds or shades at keeping out sunlight because they offer complete closure over the entire surface of a window. Read More 

Make Wooden Blinds Stylistically Fit Your Home With Curtains

There are some cases where you just can't figure out what to do with a particular part of your home. You may be considering wooden blinds, but they might not look like they will fit with your home. However, with certain design tweaks made to your wooden blinds, you can get them to fit any space with curtains.  Inside Or Outside Mount Your Blinds You can either inside or outside mount your wooden blinds. Read More 

How Hard Water Stains Can Affect Your Windows

Hard water deposits can make the windows on your house look unappealing and dirty. These spots occur from water that has a high mineral content. The water usually contains calcium, magnesium, and other compounds. Allowing the hard water deposits to build up on your windows could end up damaging them. Read on to find out how to get rid of hard water stains and how they affect your windows. How Do The Stains Occur? Read More 

3 Benefits Of Choosing Glass Railings

If you are trying to decide on the type of railing that you would like to have installed in your two-story home, then you may be thinking about glass railings. One of the things that can change most people's mind about them is the thought of needing to keep them clean. However, they offer so many great features that you may not want to let this one thing turn you away from going with glass railings. Read More 

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DIY Window Repair and Replacement Tips Made Easy

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