DIY Window Repair and Replacement Tips Made Easy

Surprise! How Wood Rot Temporarily Deters Window Installations

Getting new, energy-efficient windows for your home before the icy chills of winter arrive is an excellent idea. It is also an excellent investment, as you will quickly notice a drop in your heating bills this year. There is just one problem; as the window installation technicians begin to remove your old windows, they notice something unpleasant. There are both wet an dry rot places present in the wood frames of your old windows! Read More 

4 Steps To Take Before The Window Installers Show Up

If you need to have a window replaced in your home, it helps get your home ready before the installation team shows up. There are a few things you need to do before the installers arrive that will help the window installation process go smoother, such as: #1 Remove Window Treatments Before the window installers arrive, you need to get your window ready. Remove any window treatments that you have up over the window that will be replaced. Read More 

Unsure If You Should Get New Windows Or Improve Insulation? 3 Reasons To Go With New Windows

Installing new windows for your home can be expensive and sometimes a time-consuming process, making it important that you think it over before making the decision to get new windows installed. If you notice that your home is drafty and it's difficult to keep the temperature regulated, it could be a good idea to take care of getting new windows instead of simply having new insulation done. If you're unsure of whether or not to get new windows installed or simply go for a quick fix with new insulation, consider the following reasons why new windows may be your best choice: Read More 

Consider These Advantages Of Residential Window Tinting

The thought of tinted windows typically conjures up images of cars with dark windows, but it's useful for homeowners to know that they can also get some of their home's windows tinted. Many window companies offer a wide range of window-related services, including tinting the windows in your home. You generally don't need to have your current windows replaced, either — an installer from the window service can visit your home and apply tinting film directly over your windows to give you the look that you desire. Read More 

Installing Vinyl Siding? 4 Additional Improvements To Make At The Same Time

Is the outside of your home looking like it is in disrepair? If so, you may be looking to replace your old vinyl siding to bring new life to the exterior. This is also a great time to have other improvements done to your home while the old siding has been removed in preparation for the new siding. Consider these 4 things. Add A New Moisture Barrier It is important to have a good moisture barrier behind your new vinyl siding. Read More 

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