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3 Ways To Cover The Windows In Your Sunroom

A sunroom in the house is a wonderful benefit. In the coldest months, the large windows can capture the sun and provide a cheery and warm spot in the house. During the rest of the year, its large windows help bring the outdoors in by allowing a full view of the yard. There are some drawbacks to having a sunroom, though. Fabric-covered furniture in the sunroom will quickly fade due to the sun's rays. In the hottest months, a sunroom can become oppressively hot, especially when the sun beats in during the warmest part of the day. Privacy also can be a concern because nearby neighbors or passersby can easily see through those large windows and into your house at night. Luckily, all of these problems can be solved with the right sunroom window treatments. Read on for three different ways to cover the windows in your sunroom.   

1. Shades

One of the most simple types of sunroom window treatments are shades that roll at the top of the window and can be pulled down. They are available in fabric and natural fibers, can be backed with an insulating material to keep extreme temperatures out, and can be custom-cut to fit the windows in your sunroom. If you don't like the look of the rolled shade at the top of the window, valances easily cover it and add a little visual interest to your room. 

2. Curtains

A modern way to use curtains in a sunroom that can make it look like it's made up of nothing but windows is to use one large curtain. Install a curtain rod that spans the entire wall of windows or bends to accommodate windows that cross more than one wall. To make the room look even more spacious, install the rod near the ceiling. Then hang several curtain panels that when drawn, look like one huge panel that spans the entire expanse of windows. When the curtains are open, gather them in strategic areas of the room, like along breaks between the windows or on either side of a couch or other pieces of furniture in the sunroom.

3. Blinds

Some sunrooms have windows in their pitched ceiling, which can make covering them a challenge. Wooden blinds often are a good solution to this problem. Choose blinds that match the trim in your sunroom and that have a frame that can be anchored to both the top and bottom of the window. Wood blinds are simple, clean, and modern and can blend into any decor. 

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