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How Hard Water Stains Can Affect Your Windows

Hard water deposits can make the windows on your house look unappealing and dirty. These spots occur from water that has a high mineral content. The water usually contains calcium, magnesium, and other compounds. Allowing the hard water deposits to build up on your windows could end up damaging them. Read on to find out how to get rid of hard water stains and how they affect your windows.

How Do The Stains Occur?

Many homeowners use a garden hose or sprinkler system to water their lawn. However, the water does not only get on your grass and flowers. Some of the water may bounce off your windows. After the water dries up, noticeable spots are left behind. At this stage, window cleaning is easy as you can remove these spots with homemade cleaning solutions and scrubbing tools.

Do Your Spots Look Transparent?

There are different levels of hard water buildup. Your windows become harder to clean when the mineral deposits start to look transparent with a white, pasty look. It is going to take a little more scrubbing to remove these spots. You can use a strong glass cleaner and scrubbing tools to help with getting your windows cleans.

How Do Mineral Deposits Damage Your Windows?

If you allow the deposits to build up instead of cleaning them, then a thick, white crust will form. At this point, your windows will have a cloudy texture. When mineral deposits are allowed to sit, it starts to seep into the pores of the glass. Simultaneously, the mineral deposits are getting burned by the sun. Soon, it will become impossible to remove the deposits without damaging the surface of the glass.

When cleaning products do not remove the buildup, you know the damage is extensive. You will have to use a buffer with buffing pads to clean your windows. It helps to use buffing systems that are made for buffing out water deposits. If you do not buff out the hard water spots, then you will have to replace your windows.

It helps to get your windows inspected and cleaned by a window cleaning company. Your windows are a very important determinant of the value of your house. A house can look outdated and become drafty when the windows are damaged. It helps to maintain the look of your home. This means getting regular maintenance to avoid having to make expensive repairs.

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