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Winning Window Installation Tips: What To Know For DIY Success

Improvements in the way in which replacement windows are designed and manufactured have made them both more durable and easier to install. Unlike the windows of yesterday, today's windows are often able to be installed by homeowners with basic skills and a few simple tools. However, when considering the installation of any window, there are a few things that can go awry. 

If you are preparing to DIY the installation of a replacement window in your home, garage, or another structure on your property, the following information will help you avoid making mistakes and ensure a more satisfactory project completion. 

Determine the actual size 

A common problem with DIY window installation, especially when replacing the window in an older home, is sizing it correctly. While recently constructed homes are likely to have more uniform window openings, older homes that have undergone expansions or renovations may have windows that are much more oddly sized. 

If the original window was incorrectly sized for the opening, it may have been installed using a series of shims and spacers to make it fit. Homeowners may not be aware of this without first removing the trim boards around the window, so they are able to see the entire window assembly.

When purchasing a replacement window for an existing one that has become damaged or unusable, homeowners will need to either measure the existing window from edge to edge and reinstall using the same shims already in place or measure the opening and order a window to fit it correctly. 

Consider opting for contractor grade

If saving money on a single window installation is the goal, homeowners should consider purchasing a contractor grade or floor sample window, instead of opting for a premium brand. Contractor grade windows are used by many builders to reduce the cost of building. Because they are more generic in design and marketed and packaged with few frills, choosing them for a DIY window installation can reduce the cost of the project. Floor samples may have small imperfections that are not noticeable but offer a more attractive price. 

Crunch the numbers before you begin

When making the decision to install a new window, homeowners may automatically think they can save money by doing the work as a DIY project. If they must purchase additional tools, lumber for shims, screws, plus the window, the savings may not be as great as they hoped. Instead, these homeowners may actually save money and time by hiring a reputable window installation contractor to furnish the window and complete the installation. 

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