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Need New Windows? Why Go With Casements

If you're going to be upgrading the windows in your home, you'll likely be deciding between several styles available to you. While you could go with a traditional double-hung window or even a sideways-sliding-style window, you may find that a casement window will be a great fit for your home. Here are some reasons why you should go with casements.

No Glass Obstruction

Many homeowners love casement windows because you can get them in a style with nothing obstructing the glass throughout the entire window pane. This is because a casement is one large frame that rotates on an axis, and it is not two separate parts that split apart like with double-hung or sliding windows. This allows you to have an unobstructed view outside your window without big bars blocking it, which can be something very appealing that can't be replicated with other window styles that open.

Better Seals

A casement window seals by using a crank to pull the window inward, and then a latch pulls it even more to lock the window shut. This helps provide a very good seal that will not allow in drafts or water, while also keeping the air from your HVAC system inside as well.

Open Fully

If you depend on your windows to cool down your home with a cross breeze, know that casement windows are going to do a better job at causing that breeze to flow through your home. That is because a casement window is capable of fully opening, which will let more air into your home than a traditional double hung or sliding window.

In addition, the way that a casement window opens will actually allow better airflow into the home. You can angle the casement window to help redirect airflow into your home, which means you can take advantage of winds that are traveling in either direction.

Easy Cleaning

You may be aware of how difficult it is to clean your windows on the second floor. However, casement windows open at a 90-degree angle, meaning you can easily reach the outer surface of the window when it's open. This lets you easily clean the window without having to get on a ladder outside your home.

These are just a few reasons to get casement windows. For help selecting a specific type of casement window and performing the installation, reach out to a local area window contractor.

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