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3 Big Reasons Why Your Home Needs New Gutters

Do you own a home with gutters that were damaged by a recent spring storm? Are you currently putting off repairing or replacing the damaged portion because they simply don't seem that important right now? While gutters may seem like a relatively minor part of your home, they are actually crucial for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are going to be more obvious than others. A few of the more important reasons that you may not have thought about yet are as follows:

Basement damage: When a home has a basement or cellar, having gutters that were properly installed by a guttering services company becomes an extremely important part of that home. Without a gutter system to direct the water elsewhere, all of the rain that falls on the roof will get dumped almost directly at the home's foundation. This water will work its way down into the soil and can cause basement flooding when it forces its way through otherwise insignificant cracks in your basement walls and floor. But with properly installed and maintained gutters, the risk of flooding in your basement is all but eliminated.

Cracked foundation: You don't necessarily have to have a basement to need to be concerned about water being dumped on your house's foundation. Even a relatively small rainstorm has the potential to dump hundreds of gallons worth of water onto your roof, depending on the exact size of your roof. With so much water flowing into the dirt next to your house, the ground can start to soften. Over time, this can result in a section of your entire house shifting and settling in such a way that the foundation and even the home itself can develop large cracks. Having a guttering service install gutters to redirect the flow of water away from your home is a much less expensive option than trying to repair a home with a cracked foundation.

Rotting roof: Gutters that are damaged in such a way that they get clogged easily are gutters that can cause the water to back up and overflow onto your eaves or even the roof itself. If the water flows underneath the shingles, this can encourage the roof underneath to begin to rot. Once the rot begins, it can quickly turn into dry rot that can be difficult and potentially expensive to remove.

If you are too busy or are unable to keep your gutters clean and free of debris, talk to one of your local guttering services about installing clog-proof gutters. This type of gutter has a lip over the top that allows water to flow inside but that keeps leaves and other debris out.

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