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Should You Choose Sliding Patio Doors?

These days, more and more homeowners are choosing sliding doors for their patio, rather than typical hinged doors. These doors are similar in price to hinged doors, but they operate differently. While they are a good choice for many people, they are not always the right choice under every circumstance. Here are the pros and cons of choosing sliding patio doors.

Pro: You can place furniture near your sliding patio door.

Hinged doors open up over the floor, so if there is something in front of your door, that item will get in the way of the hinged doors. This is not an issue with sliding doors since they open up to the side. If you have a lot of furniture or you don't want to take furniture placement into account when planning your patio design, then a set of sliding doors really simplifies things and gives you more room.

Con: Siding doors aren't always easy to latch.

The mechanisms that lock sliding doors into place can be a little finicky. The doors have to be perfectly aligned for the mechanism to match up properly, so if your home shifts and settles, you may need to have the doors readjusted. This is more of a problem with low-end doors than higher-end ones, but even the best sliding doors tend to be harder to lock and latch than hinged doors. 

Pro: Nobody will get their fingers caught in the hinges.

Hinged doors can be a little hazardous when you have kids, who might not know better than to stick their fingers in the hinges. You may even accidentally pinch yourself with the hinge of the traditional patio door. With sliding doors, there's nothing to get caught in, so the doors are safer for everyone. Your child won't accidentally lean against the door and go tumbling outside when it swings open, either!

Con: Sliding doors can be tough to keep clean.

With sliding doors, you have to pay close attention to the cleanliness of the track that the door rides in. You may need to use cotton swabs or some other specialty tools to clean out these tracks. There are also grooves between the two doors that can be tough to reach. If you do not keep the door tracks and door frames clean, the doors won't slide freely.

To learn more about sliding patio doors and their pros and cons, reach out to a door company in your area.

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