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The Glare Is Awful! Why You Should Have Your Windows Tinted This Winter

Winter is going to be here for a few weeks longer. If you don't have your windows tinted, you're missing out on some valuable benefits. You might have thought that window tinting only provides benefits during the hot summer months, but that's simply not the case. In fact, window tinting provides quite a few benefits during the winter. Take a look at four important benefits you'll receive from having your windows tinted this winter.

Prevents Heat Loss

When the temperatures dip into the freezing range, you can lose a lot of your interior warmth right through the windows. Just one touch of your glass will show you how much warmth is being lost. Place your hand on your window. If it's cold to the touch, you're wasting energy and losing heat through the glass. Window tinting will help you avoid that heat loss. Your home will be warmer, and your energy bills will be lower. It's a win/win situation.

Reduces Outdoor Glare

If you thought the glare through your windows was bad during the summer, you haven't taken a look outside when the sun is shining on freshly-fallen snow. If you have caught a glimpse of the glare off the snow, you know how blinding it can be. Unfortunately, that glare can make it downright uncomfortable to have your shades open during the day, which can deny you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery. Window tinting will reduce the glare off the snow, which will allow you to enjoy more of the daylight.

Protects Your Furniture

If you do keep your shades open during the winter, the glare from the sun could be ruining your furniture and your flooring. You might think that only the summer sun can ruin the interior of your home, but that's not the case. The glare from the sun during the winter can do just as much damage to your furnishings, if not more. It can cause your furniture and carpeting to fade, and cause the fabric to deteriorate. Applying tinting to your windows will protect your furniture and your flooring all winter long.

Extends Your Viewing Time

Winter is the perfect time to open your shades and watch the sunset. Unfortunately, if you live on a street that gets a lot of traffic, you might not feel safe leaving your shades open once the sun begins to set. One of the benefits of window tinting is that it provides the security you need when you want to keep your shades open. That's because the tinting prevents people from seeing into your home. 

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