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3 Tips for Restoring Your Antique Windows

You most likely bought a vintage, historic home because you were charmed by its unique style and sense of history. Older homes come with older windows, which are often ornately beautiful but may also be drafty and worn out. Instead of replacing your antique windows with brand new models which won't fit the look of the house, have your antique windows restored instead. Here are three tips for restoring your antique windows:

Have the Wood Window Frames Replaced

Oftentimes, the wood frames of antique windows are what experience the most wear and damage with age. They may be warped, cracked, or even rotted through. Chances are good that they are no longer tightly sealed, leading to a drafty home. Your best bet is to have them replaced with new wood window frames that maintain the original style of your windows and home. You will get the function and energy efficiency of tightly fitted brand new window frames, but with more historic charm than if you replaced them with vinyl window frames instead.

Replace, Repair, or Add to the Glass

Whether you should replace, repair, or add to the glass panes of your antique windows depends on their age and condition. It's a smart idea to have your windows inspected by a window expert who specializes in antique windows and can make their best recommendation. If your antique glass is generally in good shape (clear and uncracked) and you love the way it looks, it may make the most sense to just have it repaired as needed.

Adding an additional pane or two to old single-paned windows will significantly improve the energy efficiency of your windows while retaining the original appearance and charm, since the additional panes will be added behind the original glass.

Have Your Antique Windows Sealed

Simply replacing the wood frames and repairing or replacing the glass will make a huge difference in how energy efficient your windows are, but you can amplify this by having them sealed. Your replacement wood window frame professional can add sealing putty to the window frames as well as weatherstripping to the bottom of your windows. This will help keep cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer, making your home more comfortable.

By working with window replacement and repair specialists who have experience with antique windows, you can have your antique windows lovingly restored instead of having them completely replaced.

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