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3 Tips To Keep Your Windows From Leaking

When you install new windows in your home, you need to make sure that you install them correctly. Installing them correctly will keep them from leaking, which is the last thing you want to happen with your new windows. You want your new windows to be completely watertight when you install them.

Remember to Install Sill Flashing

When people used to install windows, they would just install them into the opening. However, if you want a watertight application, you need to install sill flashing. Sill flashing goes around the opening that you created for your window. If your home still has the house wrap on it, you'll want to fold the wrap in and then put the sill flashing on top. Sill flashing is made out of preformed plastic and slopes away from your home, allowing any water that gets behind the siding around your window to not get stuck around your window. Sill flashing prevents rotting window frames and insulation.

You need to make sure that you account for the sill flashing when you order your window. The sill flashing is not that thick, but you still need to account for it in your window measurements.

Install The Sill Flashing Properly

Make sure that you install the sill flashing properly. You are going to want to use roofing nails to secure the sill flashing in place. You should use sealant to cover up the lap joint to ensure that the sill flashing is properly sealed. You should also put sealant on top of the nail heads, to seal up the space around the nails.

Secure The House Wrap

Next, the outside of your home is wrapped with house wrap. You need to make sure that you seal the house wrap correctly. You want to take the house wrap and warp it around the sides of the opening for the window. Then, you want to staple the house wrap to the interior walls of your home.

Seal The Window with Flashing Tape

Once you put the window in place, you are going to want to use flashing tape to seal around the window. You are going to want to overlap the top pieces with the side pieces. The flashing tape should go over the nailing flanges that you used to put the window in place. You should drape it over the sill pan but put it behind the house wrapping at the top of the window. You want to secure the house wrapping at the top of the window after you put the flashing tape in place.

Following the steps above, in addition to the window installation steps provided by the manufactures of the windows, will help to keep your new vinyl window watertight. 

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