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Make Wooden Blinds Stylistically Fit Your Home With Curtains

There are some cases where you just can't figure out what to do with a particular part of your home. You may be considering wooden blinds, but they might not look like they will fit with your home. However, with certain design tweaks made to your wooden blinds, you can get them to fit any space with curtains. 

Inside Or Outside Mount Your Blinds

You can either inside or outside mount your wooden blinds. If you don't like how they may look when inside-mounted, consider the outside-mounted option, or vice versa. This approach will give you a stylish look, which is perfect for a chic home.

Pair The Blinds With Curtains

Curtains and wooden blinds go well together because they can cause the illusion of having a larger window by mounting the blinds high and mounting the curtains wide. You can change the look of your wooden blinds without needing to purchase custom blinds.

One of the reasons why curtains or drapes go so well with wooden blinds is that they pair the hardness of the blinds with the softness of the curtains. The wooden blinds will look much warmer visually when flanked with the curtains. Another great characteristic is that they will help insulate your home. If you still feel like your blinds do not fit, remember that the curtains do not have to match the blinds. Try curtains that come with a complementary color in order to mix it up.

Use Curtains And Blinds To Correct An Off-Center Window

If you have a window that is off-center with blinds, curtains can be used to correct this. When the panels and curtains are put in place, there is no way to know where the windows begin and end. Then, your curtains can be adjusted to change the alignment of the window. This approach can easily balance out a room.

Use A Topper And Curtains To Make Smaller Windows Look Bigger

For dark wood blinds, one of the concerns is that they can make a small window look even smaller. However, this problem can easily be fixed by using a topper. This must be mounted high. This can make the window look taller. Then, hang curtains high and wide in order to stretch the side of the window horizontally. The great thing about wooden blinds is that they are highly versatile and are always in style, so with a few small tweaks, you can make them fit any home. So the next time you see wood blinds for sale from a company like Beard's Window Coverings, think twice before walking by. 

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