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3 Tips For Successfully Applying Tinted Film On Your Home's Windows

While you may enjoy a bright, sunny room, you may not like the way the direct sunlight fades your furniture. To combat the sun's damaging rays, you may have decided to apply tinted film on your windows. If so, use the following tips to help you successfully complete the application.

Clean The Window With Vinegar And Water

Before applying the film, the window should be free from dirt, grease and skin oil. This can be done with a mixture of water and white distilled vinegar, which can cut through grime and make the glass squeaky clean. You will also need something to wipe the windows, such as a lint-free cloth diaper or coffee filters.

Rub straight vinegar on any areas with visible grease, dirt or oil. Then, mix three cups of water and one cup of vinegar in a plastic spray bottle. Spray the glass, then wipe clean. Repeat if any grimy areas remain. Then, use a wet rag or coffee filter to rinse the window.

Wet The Window Before Applying The Film

After the glass is clean, prepare the glass before applying the film by wetting it with a fine mist of water. The thin layer of moisture helps the film stick to the window during application, as well as activates the adhesive to make a stronger bond between it and the glass.

Use a clean plastic spray bottle that has not been used with any chemical cleaners. Small traces of chemicals could break down the adhesive, creating loose areas in the tint. Fill the bottle with water, and spray an even layer of water on the section of window you will be working on. 

Handle The Film With Care To Prevent Creases

Once you are ready to apply the film, make sure you handle it with care to keep it from sticking together or folding. Once a crease is in the film, it will remain even after you put it on the glass.

Hold the film with your forefingers and thumbs at the top corner, pulling it taut to keep it straight. Once you have the film in hand and the backing off, put the film directly on the glass, then smooth it from the top to the bottom. Never lay it down or let it touch other surfaces to keep from having to detach it, potentially pulling off the adhesive and creasing the film.

Following the tips above can help you flawlessly apply a tinting film to your home's windows. For more information, contact Reflec Tech window tinting or a similar company.

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