DIY Window Repair and Replacement Tips Made Easy

Installing Vinyl Siding? 4 Additional Improvements To Make At The Same Time

Is the outside of your home looking like it is in disrepair? If so, you may be looking to replace your old vinyl siding to bring new life to the exterior. This is also a great time to have other improvements done to your home while the old siding has been removed in preparation for the new siding. Consider these 4 things. Add A New Moisture Barrier It is important to have a good moisture barrier behind your new vinyl siding. Read More 

What Kind Of Window Should You Put In That Little Window Opening?

If the time has come to replace the windows in your home, you may be perplexed as to what style of window to put in a small window opening. After all, double-hung windows don't usually come this small and would also look silly in such a place. Thankfully, there are several window styles that do work well in smaller openings. Here's a look at them: Awning Windows Awning windows are named for the way they open: they hind upward like an awning. Read More 

3 Tips For Getting New Windows Installed In A Historic Rental Building

Replacing the windows in a historic building can be a big challenge for many property managers due to the difficulty in finding windows that will match. If you're curious about what kind of windows to have installed due to wanting your tenants to be satisfied with where they live, it's a good idea to look into finding windows that are fitting for the age of the building and the benefits that you're most interested in. Read More 

Want More Natural Light? Add New Windows To The Most Important Rooms

Adding light to your home is something that you can accomplish in numerous ways. For instance, you can buy a table lamp, floor lamp, or even a wall sconce to bring more light to any room. While these methods will illuminate the room that they are put in, they will not give you light from the sun. If you want more natural light in your home, you will need to focus on changing the doors and windows. Read More 

The Perfect Blind And Shade Combination Your Windows

Sheer blinds are great because they let some into the room while providing a little more privacy. Of course, most people choose them over light blocking blinds because they prefer the look of the fabrics. Simply put, sheer blinds are available in a wider range of styles. There are more fabrics and colors to choose from. Some people even install sheer blinds, but never even close them. Others install sheer blinds and never open them. Read More 

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DIY Window Repair and Replacement Tips Made Easy

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