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Enjoy Your Large Windows With The Following Decorating Tips

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If you’re lucky enough to have large windows in your home, it’s a good idea to take advantage of natural light by making some changes to your home. Whether you just moved into a home or simply haven’t focused much on interior design, it’s likely that you have heavy curtains or other window treatments that simply do not show off your windows as they should. To make the windows in your home the main focal point, consider some of the following tips. Keep the View Outside Unobstructed An easy way to make your windows even more eye-catching is to simply make some changes to the landscaping outside. Many people make the mistake of leaving shrubs and trees overgrown, blocking out natural light and making the view outside less appealing. Set Up Window Seats to Enjoy the View Even More Along with making some changes to the landscaping outside, you can enjoy the view even more by getting some window seats installed inside so that you can sit down and look outside in comfort. Not only will you and your family enjoy this addition, any pets you may have might like laying down and enjoying the view outside. For even more functionality, try window seats that include storage underneath. Take Advantage of Interior Window Tinting With large windows, you likely will have to deal with excessive heat coming indoors during the summer. An easy way to prevent this from becoming a problem is simply get window tinting done. While most people believe tinting is only reserved for vehicles, it can actually be done indoors and make a big difference in how cool or warm your home is throughout the year. Avoid Heavy Drapes and Opt for Other Window Treatments Another option for cutting down the heating and cooling throughout the year is through the use of the right window treatments. While heavy drapes can make a statement, they will hide your windows and reduce the impact that large windows can make. Instead, consider lightweight curtains that can help block out the sun or shutters that can be pulled shut when necessary. Make the Windows Stand Out with Added Frames Another way to make your windows stand out is to add frames that can help the windows look bold and interesting. Even a fresh coat of paint to the current frames indoors can make a big difference in the way your windows look. Improving the way your windows look requires a number of different steps, but can make a big difference that can even add value to your home. Contact a window company like Guardian Windows & Doors for more...

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How To Get Professional Looking Clean Picture Windows This Spring

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As you create your spring cleaning list, make sure that you put washing windows on your list. In a perfect world, you should wash your windows at least twice a year to keep them clean. However, once a year works as well. Ditch the wadded up newspaper and spray cleaner, and learn how to wash your picture windows like a professional.  Supplies If you have picture windows in your home, they require a slightly different approach than windows that open up. With such a large space to work with, you need to use larger supplies. You’ll want to purchase a large cloth  brush that screws into a long handle. You’ll also want to purchase a long squeegee brush that also screws into a long handle.  Start With Warm Water First, fill a bucket with warm water and add a small squirt of dishwashing soap to the bucket. You don’t want to create a lot of suds.  Use A Big Scrub Brush Use a cloth scrub brush attached to a long handle. Dip it in the soapy water. Run it over your picture windows, starting at the top and working your way to the bottom using circular motions. This will help ensure that you cover your entire window. The purpose of this step is to loosen up the dirt on your window without scratching the glass.  Remove Soap & Dirt With A Squeegee Next, remove the soap residue and dirt with a large squeegee. Start with your squeegee at the top left corner of your window and make a backwards S pattern with the squeegee. When you finish a stroke, wipe the blade clean using a microfiber cloth. You want to use a lint-free rag so you don’t transfer cloth fibers to the squeegee and thus your window.  Then, start on the opposite side and make an S pattern. Work your way around your window until you have removed all of the soap. If there is any water and soap still on the window, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it away. A damp cloth will pick up the soapy suds and dirt left behind without creating streaks.  Clean The Windowsill The last thing you need to clean is the window sill. Soap and water probably already dripped down onto it from the window washing process. All you need to do now is use a rag to wipe away the soap and water, which should help remove any dirt that is on your windowsill as well.  If you follow these steps, your picture windows will look like they have been professional cleaned. Contact a professional cleaner, like D L Window Cleaning Services, for more...

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3 Tips For Successfully Applying Tinted Film On Your Home’s Windows

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While you may enjoy a bright, sunny room, you may not like the way the direct sunlight fades your furniture. To combat the sun’s damaging rays, you may have decided to apply tinted film on your windows. If so, use the following tips to help you successfully complete the application. Clean The Window With Vinegar And Water Before applying the film, the window should be free from dirt, grease and skin oil. This can be done with a mixture of water and white distilled vinegar, which can cut through grime and make the glass squeaky clean. You will also need something to wipe the windows, such as a lint-free cloth diaper or coffee filters. Rub straight vinegar on any areas with visible grease, dirt or oil. Then, mix three cups of water and one cup of vinegar in a plastic spray bottle. Spray the glass, then wipe clean. Repeat if any grimy areas remain. Then, use a wet rag or coffee filter to rinse the window. Wet The Window Before Applying The Film After the glass is clean, prepare the glass before applying the film by wetting it with a fine mist of water. The thin layer of moisture helps the film stick to the window during application, as well as activates the adhesive to make a stronger bond between it and the glass. Use a clean plastic spray bottle that has not been used with any chemical cleaners. Small traces of chemicals could break down the adhesive, creating loose areas in the tint. Fill the bottle with water, and spray an even layer of water on the section of window you will be working on.  Handle The Film With Care To Prevent Creases Once you are ready to apply the film, make sure you handle it with care to keep it from sticking together or folding. Once a crease is in the film, it will remain even after you put it on the glass. Hold the film with your forefingers and thumbs at the top corner, pulling it taut to keep it straight. Once you have the film in hand and the backing off, put the film directly on the glass, then smooth it from the top to the bottom. Never lay it down or let it touch other surfaces to keep from having to detach it, potentially pulling off the adhesive and creasing the film. Following the tips above can help you flawlessly apply a tinting film to your home’s windows. For more information, contact Reflec Tech window tinting or a similar...

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How To Get Hard-To-Reach Windows Clean

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If you have a lot of windows in your house, then it can be hard to keep them all cleaned, especially if you have a two-story house or some of the windows are in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind bushes or other barriers. There are some things you can do to clean the outside of the windows that you normally have a very hard time with and this article will educate you on them. Use a power washer You can use a power washer to spray the windows clean from a distance. You do want to be careful not to blow the water at them on so high of a pressure and from so close that it can cause them to break. However, with a power washer the water should reach and clean dirt and dust off. You won’t be able to get the window perfect with this method since spots will be left, but it can be better than leaving the windows very dirty. Use an extendable squeegee It may be worth it for you to purchase an extendable squeegee for these windows. This type of squeegee will have a sponge on one side and a rubber wiper on the other side. It will also have a handle similar to a broom handle that you can make longer by twisting or telescoping it. If you are using this method, you may want to hose the windows down first so you won’t have to scrub so hard to remove stubborn dirt from the windows, because the extension pole won’t allow for you to put much muscle behind your scrubbing. Remove one window If you are sure you can remove the side of the windows that opens, then you can remove that window and clean it inside the house. Then, you can use a regular length squeegee to clean the outside. You do want to be sure the pole on that squeegee is long enough to reach the whole window without you needing to lean out so there is no chance of you falling. Hire a professional The best and easiest way for you to get those hard-to-reach outside windows as clean as possible is to hire a professional window cleaner. They will have all the necessary supplies to get them as clean as possible so you don’t have to deal with trying to clean them yourself, only to find out they have spots or smudges you can’t get off them. Contact a company like Elite Clean Up for more...

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