DIY Window Repair and Replacement Tips Made Easy

Need New Windows? Why Go With Casements

If you're going to be upgrading the windows in your home, you'll likely be deciding between several styles available to you. While you could go with a traditional double-hung window or even a sideways-sliding-style window, you may find that a casement window will be a great fit for your home. Here are some reasons why you should go with casements. No Glass Obstruction Many homeowners love casement windows because you can get them in a style with nothing obstructing the glass throughout the entire window pane. Read More 

3 Ways To Cover The Windows In Your Sunroom

A sunroom in the house is a wonderful benefit. In the coldest months, the large windows can capture the sun and provide a cheery and warm spot in the house. During the rest of the year, its large windows help bring the outdoors in by allowing a full view of the yard. There are some drawbacks to having a sunroom, though. Fabric-covered furniture in the sunroom will quickly fade due to the sun's rays. Read More 

3 Useful Tips When Looking For The Perfect Window Treatments For Your Home

Window treatments play an important role for your home both functionally and aesthetically. Today, there are so many different types you can choose from. If you're in need of a new set and would like to speed up this search process, keep these tips in mind.  Take Measurements  No matter what type of window treatments you buy, they will only work if they fit correctly on your windows. For this reason, you need to take measurements of your windows before ordering any set. Read More 

Have Old Windows? Know How To Prevent Condensation Formation

Do your current windows have a problem where condensation frequently forms between the glass? This can be quite an annoying problem that will make you want to rip out those old windows and replace them with new ones. Here are some tips that will help prevent condensation from forming within old windows Use a Dehumidifier The primary reason that your windows can have condensation collect between glass panes is because you have high humidity within your home. Read More 

3 Big Reasons Why Your Home Needs New Gutters

Do you own a home with gutters that were damaged by a recent spring storm? Are you currently putting off repairing or replacing the damaged portion because they simply don't seem that important right now? While gutters may seem like a relatively minor part of your home, they are actually crucial for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are going to be more obvious than others. A few of the more important reasons that you may not have thought about yet are as follows: Read More 

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